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Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coaching

Today’s business climate needs employees to have a variety of inter-personal skills in-order to perform effectively. Coaching offers you access to sessions where you can off load problems, focus on solutions and fine tune your current skills.

When we experience difficulties, it is often because we are using an old pattern of behaviour to deal with a current situation.  Equally the people around you will be doing the same.  That’s no-ones fault it’s just the way it is.  When it becomes a problem it’s time to change the pattern.  Although you can’t change others, changing your own pattern does have an influence on the behaviour of others.

The Benefits include:

  • Additional success in business and life
  • A solution focused approach
  • Creative, intuitive insight
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Improved relationships and morale
  • Enhanced job satisfaction
  • Greater empowerment and assertiveness

Have you ever said I’ll never do that again only to find yourself doing it again? 

That’s because your current behaviour is a symptom not the cause.  It comes from a previously installed, often redundant, pattern. 

Telling yourself ‘not to’ doesn’t work but I can help you to re-programme the pattern at its original source and open your mind to your unlimited potential.

Increasing your knowledge coupled with state of the art techniques, enables clarity.  Using this clearer understanding with The MindSlide™ we develop a unique set of skills and individual resources for you; backed up with handouts, videos and MP3s.  This creates new patterns ‘by design’.  You then integrate the new pattern to excel in your work role which cascades into your private life too.

This is a speedy process and can be achieved face to face or via a video link.

Booking an Appointment

Click on your choice of session and you will be able to click book now to choose a date and time that suits you. Please give a brief outline of the issue you want to talk about. By clicking on the payment button, you will then pay for your session.

If you have Health Shield or private insurance, you may be able to claim back your session fees please email to check bookings@mocolohan.com

Terms and Conditions

Step 1 - Book an Appointment

Sessions cost £60.00 each - please use the more information box to give a simple outline of your problem.

Step 2 - Pay a Deposit

To secure your booking, we must receive at least a 50% deposit within 48 hours of your appointment time.

Appointments are for 50 minutes.

  • In office sessions take place at The Centre of Mindful Wellbeing, 2 Cecil St, Carlisle, CA1 1NL
  • On-line sessions are available through Skype or Facebook Messenger, it is very important that you check out your system prior to the appointment time.  If there is a faulty connection the session will be moved to the telephone.

Business Coaching

There is also a choice of Business Coaching this is where an employer or third party pays for your sessions. If you click on this, you will be asked to choose a date but you do not go through the paying process. Please state the payers name beside your name when you book i.e. J Smith (Chamber).

Regular sessions

You will be offered regular weekly or two weekly appointments this is to keep the momentum of the change work flowing. This is the best way for you to get the most out of the process.

This approach supports the opportunity to build a personalised working relationship so that you benefit from continuity.

How many sessions?

Many people ask how many sessions they will need.  After your first session you will know better how much resolution you have reached so an average assessment of how many further sessions can be discussed.  Of course, this is only guidance and it is your decision when you feel the process is complete.  On average clients have two to four sessions but some with complex life-long issues may take six.  Some clients also like to have a top up session at regular intervals to deal with the on-going ups and downs of life.  The service is flexibly created around you and the support you need.